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Partner Strategy Deck Template

Build your partner strategy with the template I've been using and iterating on over the last 17 years to gain executive alignment on partner strategy at companies like Box, Miro, Airtable, Optimizely, Toptal, VMware and Cisco that led to $150M+ in SaaS partner revenue.

Leverage my pre-built template and save yourself 80+ hours of work and get you the buy in and support you need. 

What you'll get:

  • My #1 best selling partnerships strategy template that covers 90 slides and helped me build 5 partner programs from zero to $150M+ ARR
  • A bonus 1 hour recorded training where I walk you through every slide

What People Are Saying:

What I love about the templates is they're super customizable, visually appealing and data driven for C-level discussions.

Marcia Byrne, Senior Partner Development Manager, AWS

The transition from an expert to authority is the ability to distill complex knowledge with clarity, workflows and logic. Nelson brings forth his deep market insights, career experience and expertise into these simple to follow frameworks.

Bryan Williams, Founder, Hockey Stick Advisory

The Partnership Principles strategy pitch deck is a complete game changer for anyone in Channels & Alliances.

Gavin Welch, Partner Sales Manager

Nelson’s template is a genuine game-changer in terms of partner strategy pitches that keep the customer at the centre of the motion. Focusing on his four partner strategy pillars, he leads the prospect from signpost to signpost on a clear path, while striking that all-important balance between value proposition and an enabled and embedded business case. I couldn’t recommend this template highly enough.

Linkon Axon, Founder, Arys