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Dream Job Partnerships Program is a self paced, 1 hour on demand training that has taught 350 people how to land their dream job in tech.

You're going to learn first hand how to make your partnerships resume stand out from the crowd, build a LinkedIn that gets recruiters to reach out to you, how to write an effective cover letter where you add value and my #1 method on how to land partnerships interviews without applying online.

It's time to take action.

Let's get you on the path to your dream job in partnerships.  

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Join 350+ students who have landed jobs or interviews at companies like:

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Is the Dream Job Partnerships Program right for you?

Have you struggled to land an interview?

Have you applied online to a lot of job listings and haven't heard back?

Are you interviewing but not converting to a  offer?

Are you left wondering why you made it through a few rounds but not selected?

Are you hearing about your lack of partnerships experience?

Do hiring managers or recruiters tell you that your experience doesn't look like a fit?

Then this course was built for you.

Take a look at what our clients have to say...

Marcia Byrne

Landed Senior Partner Development Manager job at AWS

"He had a winning formula that helped me get into the top running for 4 opportunities. I was able to land a great job even with a lot of competition. (100 applicants who applied for my same position.) Getting laid off during COVID with thousands of other professionals was hard, but Nelson gave me the edge to help stand apart from the competition and land a job in 4 weeks.

David Choi

Landed a partnerships job at Dropbox

“The Dream Job program helped me land interviews with Stripe, Doordash, Branch, Tealium, Nosto, Patreon, Oasis Labs, Launch Capital, Foursquare and Affirm. I feel like I got 10X what I paid for the first session we had together. Nelson was able to walk me through step by step how he executes. I wanted to provide an honest testimonial. Two thumbs up for Nelson and good luck on your job search."

Laris Orman 

Landed his dream job as a partnerships manager at a fast growth startup

"After going through Nelson’s training, I landed my dream job in San Diego as a Partnerships Manager for a fast growth startup! Couldn’t have done it with you.  The value that he provided me and then the outcome that I am now enjoying is a result of having his wisdom and expertise.  You will see results.  I now find myself more confident.  I'm able to conduct myself in a strategic way."

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Here's what you'll learn


Transform your partnerships resume

We'll teach you how to:

  • Write a concise and powerful career summary statement specific to the partnerships role
  • How to use my proven partnerships resume ATS friendly template that recruiters love and can review in 6 seconds
  • Use the STAR method to write amazing bullet points in your work experience
  • Focus on highlighting partnerships specific outcomes based on role
  • Leverage my proven framework around questions to tease out the best bullet points
  • Optimize for keywords based on the partnerships role
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Revamp your LinkedIn Partnerships Profile

We'll teach you how to:

  • Write a LinkedIn Summary that is impactful and to the point for partnerships
  • How to take a great LinkedIn profile photo or how you can leverage AI to build one
  • Have the right title keywords to be optimized in search
  • How to highlight your work experience to showcase impact
  • How to get recommendations from other leaders to build social credibility
  • How to showcase your work and achievements to stand out from the crowd
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Learn how to land an interview for a partnerships role without applying online

We'll teach you how to:

  • Build a customized partnerships strategy presentation (with their company brand) for the company you're applying to or interviewing with
  • Explain your unique value proposition around partnerships to the company to impact revenue growth, profitability or both
  • Highlight your partnerships track record
  • Show your game plan on how you're going to make a difference in the first 90 days with a partnerships 30-60-90 day plan
  • Highlight your references
  • Show your alignment to the company values
  • Help you convert to offers at a much higher probability
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Interview Prep and Salary Negotiation

We'll teach you how to:

  • Prep for the 3 most common interview questions for partnerships roles
  • Have a list of strategic questions for the employer related to partnerships
  • Be able to recap the interview in an amazing follow up email "Close" the interview effectively
  • Baseline your partnerships salary band range with peers and companies
  • Negotiate your salary, time off, equity, signing bonus and more
  • Receive a guide of the 500 of the Top Interview Questions And Answers as a bonus
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Here's what you get when you join!

Partnerships Resume Playbook:

  • My top performing partnerships resume template that has helped clients land partnerships jobs at Dropbox, Box, Amazon, Miro, Optimizely, Airtable and startups 
  • 100 pre-written resume bullet points for 4 distinct partnership roles (ISV, Channel, Solutions, Head of)
  • 20 pre-written resume objectives for partnerships roles 
  • A resume questionnaire to help you identify what you need to include on your resume

Career Clarity

  • A career clarity worksheet so you can define your career goals based on what you love, what you're good at, what companies will pay for and what companies need help on
  • A checklist guide for must haves vs nice to haves
  • A breakdown of the 3 major types of partnerships roles (with partner types) so you fully understand what each entails 

Art of the Possible Pitch Template

  • A template you can leverage to showcase your proposed partner strategy to the hiring company (whether it's Slides, Powerpoint, Miro or Gamma) that has helped my clients land interviews or jobs at Stripe, Branch, Tealium, Nosto, Patreon, Oasis Labs, Launch Capital, Foursquare and Affirm
  • A recorded training on how to build the partnerships strategy deck
  • A 21 page walkthrough on how to build a high personalized pitch deck
  • 4 outreach email templates you can use to pitch the "Art of the Possible" to land the interview

Interview Prep Playbook

  • A 10 slide guide on how to properly research the company and the people you will be interviewing with 
  • 2 outreach templates to help you land the initial interview through direct outreach or through a referral and 1 email template for post interview follow up
  • A guide on how to prepare for the 3 most common interview questions
  • A guide on the top 500 interview questions (with answers) 

Salary Negotiation Playbook

  • How to research comparable salaries online
  • An email template to help you connect with peers to identify what the true market range of salary is for the specific partnerships role 
  • 13 negotiation levers to consider
  • A practice worksheet to overcome 5 common objections 
🔑Access for $149

Dream Job Partnerships Program


This program includes:

  • 📚 1 hour of recorded training videos to guide you through it step by step (plus 164 self paced training slides in case you ever need to reference back!)
  • ✍ 3 worksheets to help you with partnerships career clarity, your partnerships resume and partnerships salary negotiation
  •  📝  9 templates to help you with outreach, follow up, landing interviews and impressing hiring managers with your proposed partner strategy
  • đŸ’» 120 pre written bullet points for your resume "experience" and "objective" sections
  • 📝 Get my #1 partnerships resume template so that you can transform your resume without having to start from zero.  Save yourself hours of headaches. 
  • 📈 My partnerships strategy template (77 slides in total) that I've used in board meetings and C-level meetings that have helped me land multiple interviews and offers
  • đŸ’» Get lifetime access to the recorded trainings
  • 📘 Get a FREE copy of "The Resume is Dead" - the kindle ebook that ranked #1 in the "resumes" category
  • 📗 Get a FREE copy of "Interview Questions Pro" which features 500 of the top interview questions and answers written by me and a HR expert from a Fortune 100 company
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 100% full refund if you're not satisfied and request it within 14 days after purchase. 
🔑 Access for $149

Join 350+ Happy Customers

Sara P. Tuohey

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Humatics

"Nelson's track record is stellar, and I just had to have his help with my career search and goals. After months of following his posts on LinkedIn, I reached out to him because I hope to emulate the work he does with his partners so that I, too, can enjoy some of the success he's experienced. I've seen him establish, grow and maintain superb global alliances with major strategic partners. He's amazingly well connected, and has the clarity and energy needed in a great career coach. I highly recommend Nelson to any partner alliance professional looking to up their game and to gain the definitive competitive advantage in the job marketplace."

Maunil Parikh

Director of Channel & Alliances, Syphered.Tech

Nelson has been a mentor to me and I highly recommend his course on landing a dream job in partnerships. As an experienced
Partnership manager myself, I understand the intricacies and challenges of this field. Nelson's course offers a comprehensive and insightful journey into the world of partnership sales. What stands out to me is the course's focus on practical strategies and real-world applications. The curriculum delves into key aspects like strategizing, partner development, and co-selling, which are crucial in my line of work. I am particularly impressed by the blend of theoretical knowledge and practical tools that Nelson offers."