Grow Revenue with the $150M PartnerOS

Learn the exact system I used to go from zero to $150M+ with partnerships at B2B tech companies like Box, Miro, Airtable, Optimizely and Toptal. 

Through 1:1 coaching with me, you'll learn the operating system I used to build a partner strategy from 0 to 1 at five different companies, recruit and onboard 1,479 partners over 17 years, gain executive alignment internally and externally, and GTM with resellers, ISVs, agencies, solution partners, GSIs, referral partners and more.  

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Have you struggled to consistently grow partner pipeline and revenue?

Are you getting pressure to increase sourced and influenced revenue, but don't know how to consistently do it?

Is building a partner strategy with executive alignment a challenge?

Struggling to build a partner strategy, getting executive alignment, resource allocation and knowing which partner types to prioritize? 

Is it hard for you to build a partner program from zero to one?

And are you finding it's hard to get proper guidance and help, because so few partnerships people have actually done it? 

The $150M Partner OS fixes this

The system guides you through how to build a clear, effective partner strategy with first principles thinking and the strategic frameworks learned from 30+ SaaS partner leaders.

🤝 Enroll for $2,500

How it works

Step 1:


After you enroll, you'll out a short questionnaire. This ensures I understand the context on your current partner strategy and can prep heading into our first 1 on 1 call and truly customize the coaching to you.

Step 2:

1 on 1 Coaching Calls

After the questionnaire is completed, we'll schedule 5 one hour coaching calls via Calendly and meet virtually.  Each call, we'll review a core part of the curriculum to help you improve your partner strategy.

Step 3:

Clear Deliverables

At the end, you'll have a concrete list of deliverables that will help you build a world class partner program for your company.  Your time to value (and most importantly revenue) will be improved. 

Testimonials of my partnerships work

Here's what you'll get:

Gain clarity on your partner strategy 

Learn how to leverage first principles thinking to build an impactful partner strategy that drives revenue, customer acquisition, differentiation, net retention, adoption, close rates and more. 

Learn the proven frameworks on how to build partnerships from 0 to 1

Every SaaS company is different. This means bringing a playbook from a previous company may not work at your current one.  Learn to use frameworks to ensure you're building the right partner program for your current company. 

Learn the pillars of a great partner program

I've worked with 30+ SaaS partner leaders over the last 17 years to learn best practices on how to build a great partner program.  I'll share exactly how you can build a great partner program from ground zero, no matter what company you're at.

Learn how to build your ideal partner profile

Don't launch a partnership hoping it'll work out. Improve your chances of success dramatically by building an ideal partner profile that truly helps your customers. 

Prioritize and work with the right partners

Each partner type brings unique value to the company by helping the customer on their journey. Learn which ones you need to be focusing on to drive exponential business impact.

Define partner swim lanes in your strategy

The more clarity you have on partner swim lanes, the easier it will be for your partners to engage and grow with you.  Leverage this framework to get clarity with your leadership team.

Build a partner GTM that leads to revenue. Period.

Your SaaS company won't be able to do it all. Identify the gaps that your partners will address from a capabilities perspective that will help grow revenue.

Avoid these costly mistakes when building partnerships

Mistake #1: 

Not setting a clear strategy with executive alignment, leading to no resource allocation

Mistake #2

Prioritizing the wrong partners and partner types because the strategy isn't customer centric

Mistake #3

Doing tactics like enablement trainings or outreach but not getting the revenue results

Go from "Failing" to "Thriving"  Partnerships

Failing Partnerships


❌ Lack of alignment with CxOs and cross functional teams leading to a lack of resource allocation and poor execution

❌ Lack of co-selling due to partner + direct sales conflict

❌ Launching partners that are mismatched and do not generate results

❌ Trying to work with every partner that comes your way or because they're a "big name"

❌ Value of partners isn't widely understood and there's a lack of a clear KPIs and how it impacts the company

Thriving Partnerships


✅ Full alignment and support from CxOs and cross functional teams

✅ Co-selling is at the forefront for the sales, customer success and sales engineering

✅ Launching partnerships that are customer centric and valuable for all parties 

✅ Working only with partners that fit your Ideal Partner Profile or have demonstrated success

✅ Value of partners is well known and championed by CxOs and cross functional teams. 

✅ Clear Swim Lanes

🤝 Enroll for $2,500

Here's what you get what when you join

Live Session #1

1 hour session that includes:

  • Kick off call 
  • Introductions 
  • Assessment phase through quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Learn how to do customer interviews
  • Build your ideal customer profile and partner profile

Live Session #2

1 hour session that includes:

  • Map and prioritize partner types to the customer journey
  • Learn how to build an effective partner application form and inbound process
  • Building a partner journey tracker
  • Determining partner strategy based on swim lanes

Live Session #3

1 hour session that includes:

  • Getting executive alignment with your partner strategy
  • Building a target partner list
  • Learn strategic partner recruitment
  • Finding partner market fit
  • Designing a partner program
  • Setting KPIs for partner and company success

Live Session #4

1 hour session that includes:

  • Executing an external partner enablement program + internal enablement strategy 
  • Executing a co-sell strategy
  • How to win hearts and minds with your teams
  • Launching the partner program
  • Feedback framework from customers and partners

Live Session #5

1 hour session that includes:

  • Partner Marketing Overview
  • The power of daily retros and how to run them
  • Reviewing progress against KPIs
  • Providing executive updates through business memos
  • Leveraging templates to showcase the value of partnerships

You'll receive:

  • 🗓️ 5 LIVE ONE HOUR COACHING SESSIONS with training slides, proven examples, collaborative working sessions and exercises.  We'll schedule this based on your availability so it'll be really flexible. 
  • 📝 LIFETIME ACCESS to my top 10 partnerships templates related to strategy, recruitment, enablement, QBRs and GTM and any new templates that come out 
  • 💻 GET LIFETIME ACCESS to on demand recorded trainings from the live sessions (if you opt for a recording)
  • 📈 CONCRETE OUTCOMES including:
    • 💬 Customer Assessment Process
    • 📝 Partner Strategy Deck
    • 👤 Ideal Customer and Partner Profiles
    • 🧭 Partner Mapping to Customer Journey
    • 📃 Partner Program Outline for 1 Partner Type
    • 🏊‍♂️ Clear Swim Lanes
    • 🤝 Partner Recruitment Deck
    • 🗣 Partner Enablement Strategy Deck
    • 🤖 How to leverage AI to increase partnerships velocity and outcomes
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 100% full refund if you're not satisfied and request it within 7 days after purchase.
🤝 Enroll for $2,500