A Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy for Partnerships Success and Executive Alignment

Over the last 17 years I've built partner programs from zero to one across companies like Box, Miro, Airtable, Optimizely and Toptal that led to $150M+ in SaaS partner revenue.

One of the most critical ways to get executive alignment on partner strategy was by explaining the crawl, walk and run phases and why it's critical to driving business outcomes.  

This ensures executive alignment, sets expectations on outcomes within time periods and helps drive effective resource allocation.  

Leverage my pre-built template of 7 slides and save yourself hours of work and start focusing on getting executive alignment and support. 

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Are you struggling to get executive alignment and resource allocation for your partner strategy within a specific time period? 

You present your partner strategy but don't have alignment on the timelines, outcomes and phased approach. Your leadership team wants to see revenue immediately, but you need help explaining all the foundational elements that need to be built with partners prior to getting to the revenue outcome.  

The Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy Deck fixes this.  

This 7 slide partner strategy deck guides you through how to explain a phased approach, where your company can gradually build and optimize the foundational elements of a great partner program to get executive alignment, ensure partner market fit and drive sustainable revenue growth for the long term. 

I've personally used this framework at companies like Miro, Airtable, Box, Toptal, Optimizely, Cisco and VMware over the last 17 years to help guide my discussions with leadership teams (CxOs, VPs).

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Here's a sample of what's included in the 7 slides: 

Paint a vision on how you'll go from current state to future state

Each major category goes into a list of examples of where you could be running into challenges in the current state and the potential business impact.  You'll also want to highlight future state and how this will move the need for the company on the key focus areas such as revenue growth, net retention, gross retention, user adoption and growth and more. 

Dive deep into the phases of the crawl, walk, run strategy

Show your cross functional leadership teams how you're going to roll out the pillars of a great partner program over time in a crawl, walk, run approach.  This specificity helps to build clarity and confidence amongst everyone, so that you get the executive alignment and resource allocation you need. 

Key Success Factors

Key success factors matter because they serve as strategic guideposts for achieving organizational objectives. By highlighting these factors, organizations can focus resources, efforts, and attention on the most impactful aspects of their strategy, ensuring a more targeted and effective approach. Additionally, key success factors provide a framework for what you believe will be the pillars for long term success.

Case Studies

Showcasing tech company case studies is crucial for a crawl, walk, run strategy template as they provide tangible examples of successful implementation at each phase. These case studies offer real-world insights into how companies navigated the initial stages, gradually scaled their partnerships, and ultimately achieved significant outcomes. This helps with practical guidance, building credibility, and inspiring confidence among stakeholders, facilitating a smoother adoption of the crawl, walk, run approach.

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