Build a partner strategy that drives revenue

Build your partner strategy with the template I've been using and iterating on over the last 18 years to gain executive alignment on partner strategy at companies like Box, Miro, Airtable, Optimizely, Toptal, VMware and Cisco that led to $150M+ in SaaS partner revenue.

Leverage my pre-built template of 100 slides and save yourself 80+ hours of work and get the buy in and support you need. This also includes a one hour video walkthrough of the slides.

Get the #1 bestselling template and training that was requested as a top need from 5,000+ subscribers. 

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Are you struggling to build a partner strategy that gets the executive support and resources you need to grow revenue?

Your partner strategy feels scattered.  You're lacking focus as you're getting pulled in a lot of different directions. You're not getting the resources needed. You're not able to get executive support and alignment.

The Partner Strategy Deck fixes this.  

This 100 slide partner strategy deck guides you through how to build a clear, effective partner strategy with a pre built deck template, first principles thinking and frameworks learned from 30+ SaaS partner leaders. In addition to the 90 slides you'll get, you'll have access to my on demand recorded 1 hour training where I walk you through every single slide. 

ūüĒĎ Access for $49


Here's a sample of what's included in the 100 slides:

Gain clarity on your partner strategy 

Learn how to leverage first principles thinking to build an impactful partner strategy that drives revenue, customer acquisition, differentiation, net retention, adoption, close rates and more. 

Learn the proven frameworks on how to build partnerships from 0 to 1

Every SaaS company is different. This means bringing a playbook from a previous company may not work at your current one.  Learn to use frameworks to ensure you're building the right partner program for your current company. 

Learn the pillars of a great partner program

I've worked with 30+ SaaS partner leaders over the last 17 years to learn best practices on how to build a great partner program.

Learn how to build your ideal partner profile

Don't launch a partnership hoping it'll work out. Improve your chances of success dramatically by building an ideal partner profile that truly helps your customers. 

Show the different partner types and their unique value add

This template showcases definitions around the partner types and how they can help the customer and the company achieve key business outcomes.

Explain how different partners help the customer journey

Each partner type brings unique value to the company by helping the customer on their journey. Leverage these slides to explain that to your leadership team. Here's an example for solution partners shown here. I've built it in this template for ISVs and resellers as well. 

Showcase your partner marketing strategy with 3 key pillars

This slide will help teams understand how you plan to execute marketing with your key focus partners.

Define partner swim lanes with our pre-built template

The more clarity you have on partner swim lanes, the easier it will be for your partners to engage and grow with you.  Leverage this template to get clarity with your leadership team.

Determine which partner capabilities will drive customer impact

Your SaaS company won't be able to do it all. Identify the gaps that your partners will address from a capabilities perspective. 

GTM by Segment

This slide helps you articulate which segments you'll want to be partner led vs vendor led, so that you establish clear GTM swim lanes. You can then communicate this both internally and externally.

Highlight Partner Program Requirements by Partner Type

This template walks the leadership team through what the high level partner program requirements would look like by partner type. Here's an example slide for resellers.

Make a business case with cohort analysis

Leverage this template to make a compelling point around partner value and to help guide your resource allocation decisions.

Showcase the pillars of effective partner enablement needed

A template for partner enablement strategy provides a structured framework, ensuring consistency, clarity, and effectiveness in aligning and empowering partners with the necessary resources and knowledge for success.

Walkthrough the key pillars around planning and execution

Build confidence amongst your team and cross functional teams by showing a clear plan that you're going to execute against with your partner strategy.

Give an overview of your 30-60-90 day plan

A template for a 30-60-90 day plan is helpful because it offers a structured roadmap, facilitating clear goal-setting, time management, and strategic alignment for all parties involved.


Leverage an executive business memo to get resource allocation

This provides a standardized and compelling format to articulate strategic objectives, demonstrate ROI, and effectively communicate the value proposition which will increase the likelihood of obtaining the resources you need for partnership initiatives.


A bonus 1 hour recorded training

Where I personally walk you through every single one of the 100 partner strategy slides, so you understand the key concepts and how to customize it for your company.

ūüĒĎ Access for $49