Show executives what your regional partner coverage looks like

I've created a template to help you visually show what your partner coverage will look like by region.  This will help you break down the nuances specific to each regional GTM as you discuss this with your cross functional leaders that have regional coverage and responsibilities. 

Leverage my pre-built template and save yourself hours of work and start getting executive alignment.

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Testimonials of my partnerships work

Ted Blosser

CEO, Workramp

I've known Nelson since we worked together 17 years ago. It's been incredible watching him build partner programs from zero to one at leading tech companies.  When we worked together at Box, he helped scale the partner program to hundreds of partners and I saw firsthand his passion, enthusiasm and work ethic with partners.  He excels at bringing a strategic vision, principles first thinking and frameworks to build and scale partnerships at fast growth tech companies. I highly recommend his work!

Kevin Chung

COO, Writer

"Nelson is one of those exceptional leaders you hang onto! I’ve had a front row seat to Nelson building an organization from zero to tens of millions in ARR. Hands down one of my favorite people to work with. His commitment to principles and practical frameworks consistently delivered impactful results. Plus, he brings a unique blend of empathy, clarity, creativity and dedication to continuous improvement that really sets him apart. As a leader or IC looking to elevate your partnership strategy, you must call Nelson right away."

Chris Samila

Chief Partner Officer, Partnerships Leaders

“I had the pleasure of working with Nelson when he led mobile partnerships at Optimizely. He did a tremendous job in creating and scaling up a solid foundation for the partner program. He expertly worked with our sales, marketing & operations team globally. I've stayed close with Nelson through the years & have learned a great deal from him & highly recommend Nelson if you’re looking to learn about partner strategy & building a world class program from 0 to 1."

What's included in the slides: 

GTM by Region (Visual #1)

This helps set the stage on ow you plan on GTM with partners in each of the main geographies.

GTM by Region (Visual #2)

This is a map visual for your partner coverage model worldwide. 

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