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Leverage this template that I've personally used to recruit 1,479 partners over the last 17 years at companies like Miro, Airtable, Box, Toptal, Optimizely, VMware and Cisco. 

This includes Global Consulting Firms, Regional SIs, ISVs, Resellers, Referral Partners, Affiliates, Agencies and Solution Partners. 

I've been iterating consistently on this approach to ensure it's one of the best. 

Save yourself the pain of spending months on presentation ideation and iterations and spend more time recruiting your most ideal partners.

Let's stop the slide ware busy work and focus on driving partner revenue as fast as possible.

Let's get to it. 

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Are you struggling to recruit strategic partners that could make a big impact on revenue?

You're sending out outbound messages to partner CEOs but not getting responses. Even if you land a meeting, it doesn't go well enough for the partner to commit to your program. Your partner recruitment pitch isn't generating excitement from the partner.  You know the partnership is a great fit, but have a hard time articulating why the partnership would be a massive success.  

The Partner Recruitment Deck fixes this.  

This 26 slide partner strategy deck guides you through how to build a clear, effective pitch for partner recruitment with a pre built deck template, first principles thinking and frameworks learned from my last 17 years in partner recruitment, where I onboarded 1,479 partners.

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Here's a sample of what's included in the 31 slides: 

A clear mission statement on the joint partnership

This is crucial for a potential partnership as it anchors on an important customer mission shared by both parties, while also highlighting how you'll help each other achieve mutual business goals.

A personalized overview of why a partnership is a great fit

Don't send over generic partner recruitment deck.  Go the extra mile and use this framework to explain why this specific partnership is a valuable one for both parties and show that you've done the research in advance.

Paint a picture of the market opportunity to generate excitement

There are 3 slides that cover the market opportunity, whether it's for a reseller, ISV or solution partner.  Get partner executives amped up about the joint market opportunity ahead of you. 

Help the partner understand the swim lanes

This makes it crystal clear with the partner on where they can work with you and how to engage.  Swim lanes are critical to strategic success with a partner. I've created slides for swim lanes based on segment, capability and region.  

Project business growth for the partner

Show what's in it for them by making the investment into the partnership.  Focus on 3 key objectives you can drive for them with this slide.

Present your joint customer analysis

This slide helps the partner further understand why the partnership is such a great fit based on overlaps in the economic buyer, customer needs and pain points, use case and cross selling opportunities.

Showcase a joint customer example to make it real

Help the potential partner see the vision of what's possible through an actual prospect scenario or existing joint customer use case.

Make revenue projections to show the upside

Show confidence in your business model by projecting the revenue you anticipate will occur from a successful partnership. Make it crystal clear what's in it for them. 

Share a personalized business memo to make the business case to the CEO

I've personally used this template to pitch CEOs of partner companies on the power of a potential partnership. They provide a concise and formal way to communicate the strategic value proposition, objectives, and benefits of a potential partnership. The structured format allows for clear articulation of key points, fostering a deeper understanding among prospective partners and facilitating informed decision-making.

Show milestones by timeline

This slide helps you articulate when you expect key milestones to be hit within a timeframe.  This ensures the partner understands what next steps will be needed to be successful.

Introduce your partnerships team to them 

This template walks the partner through what type of HC resources you'll be able to provide to support them on their journey with you. Give them the confidence they need that they'll have the best partnerships team in place to win together.

ūüĒĎ Access for $49