Partner sales training that drives revenue

Over the last 17 years I've run 1,826 partner trainings across companies like Box, Miro, Airtable, Optimizely, Toptal, VMware and Cisco that led to $150M+ in SaaS partner revenue.

One of the most critical partner trainings was for the sales team, where I would have the partner come in and present a deck on how they could help the sales team grow revenue. Having a really effective deck for this made all the difference. 

Leverage my pre-built template of 39 slides and save yourself 20+ hours of work.  This deck will help you crush it with your sales teams and lead to co-selling opportunities immediately. 

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Are you struggling to get the sales team to engage your partners to work on joint opportunities?

You host a partner training for the sales team but you can tell people aren't excited. They discuss a few joint accounts but zero pipeline gets built. You walk away from the training and nothing happens in the following weeks.  If you're running into this type of challenge...

The Partner Sales Training Deck fixes this.  

This 39 slide partner strategy deck guides you through how to build a clear, effective approach where your partners can explain the unique value add they bring to the sales teams. This ends up driving meaningful discussions, trust and ultimately new co-selling opportunities for your sales and partners to work on.  

I've personally used this framework for 1,826 trainings over the last 17 years and have seen it help partners win joint enterprise opportunities together at scale. 

ūüĒĎ Access for $49


Here's a sample of what's included in the 39 slides: 

Have a clear mission statement 

A strong partnership mission statement provides a clear view into how the partner will help the customer and the sales team find success together. 


Deliver an in depth partner overview 

Every Partner offers something unique.  Make sure the overview of the partner profile highlights this and goes in depth on key areas such as capabilities, unique value proposition and more.

Focus on the sales team

Highlight the key challenges they run into and how it impacts their business and key performance metrics.  Make it all about them and how you're going to help them overcome these challenges with partners. 

Highlight key areas where the partner can help 

Focus on showcasing the key pillars where partners can make an impact for the sales team, with specifics.

Use data to show the difference the partner makes on KPIs

This deal analysis slide will help sales teams see the literal business impact that partners make and will encourage them to engage. 

A visual to demonstrate the power of unlocking new workflows with integrations

Leverage this slide to show how integrations are crucial for driving new workflows and business outcomes as they allow different software and systems to seamlessly work together, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

Create credibility by having the AE present the case study

This slide will allow the AEs to be the partner advocate.  Given how close they are to the customer and the deal, it's important that they speak to how they engaged the partner, the value they added to the sales cycle and ultimately how it drove business outcomes for their customers. 

Use graphs to show the power of the partner to the customer journey

We'll have two slides for this, related to showing the impact to adoption and ARR growth after the partner is involved.

Deep dive into the partner's approach

This detailed slide breakdown is meant to give confidence to the sales team on the approach and methodology used by the partner to drive customer success. 

How to engage the partner

This slide helps the sales teams understand how they can engage the partner when in the customer journey and sales cycle. 

Concrete next steps to drive revenue

This slide will highlight the specific steps needed to drive revenue together.

ūüĒĎ Access for $49