Build a sales strategy that accelerates revenue growth

Build your sales strategy with the template I've been working on over the last 17 years in collaboration with CROs, VP of Sales and other sales leaders at decacorns and unicorns that have helped drive $2B+ in SaaS revenue. 

This template is especially helpful if you're looking to building a sales GTM motion from zero to one or looking to transform your existing GTM motion to accelerate revenue growth. 

Leverage my pre-built template of 150 slides and save yourself 100+ hours of work. Get the buy in, resources and support you need from executives. 

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Are you struggling to build a sales strategy that generates qualified pipeline and scales revenue growth?

Your sales strategy lacks focus. You're not getting the pipeline coverage you need to hit revenue targets. Your net retention isn't in the top quartile of companies. Your customer acquisition velocity is lower than expected. You're trying the "one size fits all" approach but it's not getting the results you want. You're too deep in deal flow and not able to spend time to build out your sales strategy. 

The Sales Strategy Deck fixes this.  

This 150 slide sales strategy deck guides you through how to build a clear, effective sales strategy with a pre built deck template, first principles thinking and frameworks learned from 25+ SaaS GTM leaders.

ūüĒĎ Access for $99


Here's a sample of what's included in the 150 slides:

Gain clarity on your sales strategy 

Learn how to leverage first principles thinking to build an impactful sales strategy that drives revenue, customer acquisition, differentiation, net retention, adoption, close rates and more. 

Learn the proven frameworks on how to build sales from 0 to 1

Every SaaS company is different. This means bringing a playbook from a previous company may not work at your current one.  Learn to use frameworks to ensure you're building the right sales GTM motion for your current company. 

Learn the pillars of a Sales GTM Strategy

I've worked with 25+ SaaS sales leaders over the last 17 years to learn best practices on how to build a great sales GTM program.

Learn how to build your ideal customer profile

Don't launch a sales strategy hoping it'll work out. Improve your chances of success dramatically by building an ideal customer profile that truly helps you focus your resources to maximize sales. 

Leverage a financial model to get resource allocation

This allows businesses to forecast projected revenue, expenses, and profitability, helping to set realistic sales targets, allocate resources effectively, and evaluate the financial impact of different sales tactics and strategies.

Map out the customer journey to help them succeed

Mapping a customer journey is important for a sales strategy as it helps businesses understand and anticipate the needs, preferences, and pain points of customers at each stage of their buying process, enabling thoughtful, personalized engagements.

Considerations for pricing and packaging

Pricing and packaging are essential because they directly affect how much customers are willing to pay and how much revenue a company generates.

Sales org structure based on growth stage

Sales orgs will differ based on the maturity and growth stage of the company. This slide helps you ideate on this concept. 

Build revenue goals for the sales teams

This slide is designed to help you think through potential inputs and corresponding downstream outputs as you go through the exercise of setting revenue goals and quotas for your team.

Pillars of a Winning Sales Culture

This helps to create a strong framework for motivating, guiding and aligning sales teams, leading to a strong team morale and sustainable, consistent revenue growth.


Run a tight sales operating cadence

This template ensures consistent communication, accountability, and alignment within the sales team, leading to better execution, improved performance, and faster iterations based on the changing market trends. 

Build a strong sales enablement foundation

The right enablement strategy equips sales teams with the resources, training, and support they need (in the channel that's the most impactful) to effectively engage prospects, accelerate sales cycles, and drive revenue growth.

Build a rigorous sales process

This template provides a structured framework for guiding sales activities for each step of the sales cycle, leading to increased efficiency, consistency, and improvement in the conversion rate of deals to help achieve revenue targets.

Deal management and pipeline review

This slide will help track sales progress, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to increase sales and revenue.

Partner strategy templates

Included in this bundle are the 90 partner strategy template slides.  This is my #1 best selling template that walks you through how to build out a partner strategy and it ties in with the overall sales GTM strategy as well.


Leverage an executive business memo to get resource allocation

This provides a standardized and compelling format to articulate strategic objectives, demonstrate ROI, and effectively communicate the value proposition which will increase the likelihood of obtaining the resources you need for sales initiatives.

ūüĒĎ Access for $99